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Sustainability and social responsibility

We are convinced that the active participation of business and industry is crucial for the world to succeed in achieving UN’s sustainability goals. That is why we have formalised our commitments through our membership in the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative – the UN Global Compact.


Our obligations

The 10 principles of the UN’s Global Compact and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals set the direction for a responsible and sustainable business community.

We are committed to submitting annual sustainability reports to show how our work on the sustainable development goals and the ten principles is progressing.

Using materiality analysis carried out by an independent third party, Tinfos has identified which sustainability areas are most important to our stakeholders, and what we must emphasise in our sustainability reporting going forward.


Our integrity and our responsibility

When we build, operate and maintain power plants, we start with the premise that our activities must be sustainable and produce positive outcomes for the environment, for people, and for the local communities in the countries where we implement projects.

In all activities and processes, we act with integrity and responsibility, with established ethical principles as a guideline.

Tinfos medarbeidere

Our quality declaration

Tinfos makes sustainable hydropower profitable for our customers while honouring its social responsibility in all activities.

To succeed, we work systematically and purposefully with quality at the core of our business, and are building a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

We identify risks and opportunities in every project, establishing and following up on measures to mitigate or eliminate risk factors for people, the environment, and economic profitability.

Quality in Tinfos

Quality Policy
FN bærekraftsmål

Our approach to the UN’s sustainability goals

Through our establishment of renewable hydropower, we contribute to the global shift towards a cleaner and more diverse energy future.

Using materiality analysis performed by an independent third party, Tinfos has identified which areas of sustainability are most important to our stakeholders, and what we must emphasise in our sustainability reporting going forward.

We have established objectives for sustainability and social responsibility at Tinfos based on materiality analysis and UN’s 17 sustainability goals.

ESG and sustainability

Tinfos sustainability report 2022
Sustainability policy (PDF)
ESG Objectives (PDF)
Code of conduct (PDF)
ESG Supplier declaration (PDF)
Account for DD acc. to the Transparency Act 2023
Governance policy Tinfos AS

Health, Safety and Environment

At Tinfos, health and safety comes first. We plan our activities with the aim of avoiding harm to people, materials, and the environment.

Our goal is to see no-one injured on our construction sites, whether our own employees or those of our contractors.

We follow the Working Environment Act, which together with internal control regulations contains requirements for activity with regard to systematic HSE work.

To ensure consideration of health, environment and safety issues in Tinfos, systematic HSE work is carried out in collaboration with employees and their representatives/union representatives.

Health, Safety and Environment

HSE Policy (PDF)
HSE Annual Report 2022

Notification of breaches of ethical guidelines

Openness is a prerequisite for motivation, trust and security at Tinfos – we value feedback from employees and society.

This whistleblower system is for employees, consultants, suppliers and other affected parties who have observed, in connection to Tinfos’ activities, inappropriate, offensive or suspicious behaviour, or actions that violate our ethical guidelines.

All reports via this system are treated confidentially, and it is possible to make anonymous reports.

Vann og stein

Help us improve

Are you witnessing incidents connected to our activities that you believe violate established decisions, regulations or permits?

Send a message of concern so that we can investigate the matter.

Privacy and data protection

Privacy and data protection policy (PDF)

Our experience is that Tinfos puts high emphasis on ESG and sustainability. They listen to our inputs and are receptive. We experience Tinfos as being sustainable in its business practices, with general recognition of this importance across the organization. Tinfos’s high emphasis on ESG coincides with ours, so they are a great partner for us.

Anette Brådland, Cadre

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Asgeir Drugli
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