Green investment

There is a great need for further development of renewable energy. With you as a partner, we are building power plant portfolios in Norway and abroad. We communicate clearly and openly with both potential and existing investors.

Here you will find relevant financial information about Tinfos.


Tinfos folk i arbeidstøy

About Tinfos projects

As project managers, we run high-quality projects with solid processes. We work according to Norwegian and international standards, and focus on health, safety and the working environment throughout the lifetime of the project.

We transfer power plants to new owners following thorough due diligence processes facilitated by us to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

Whether you want to become a construction client yourself or buy a finished plant, Tinfos can assist you with both the development and construction of your hydropower plant.

Since our start-up in 1894, we have operated the power plants at Notodden, and since 2003 we have been involved in a number of small-scale power plant developments in Norway and Indonesia.

Our projects

Project Construction year Annual production (GWh) Capacity (MW)
Flateland 2021– 47 9,5
Nessane 2019–2020 32 9
Bjørgelva 2019–2020 8 2
Stardalen 2019–2020 51 17
Jordalen 2017 18 7
Holmen 2015–2016 81 25
Røneid 2015–2016 13 4
Skrei og Skrede 2015 5 1,5
Valken 2013–2015 29 10
Middøla 2014 12 4,5
Follsjå 2014 14 3
Mygland 2012 9 3
Saksenvik 2011 6 2,5
Kobbholm 2010–2011 16 3
Valvatn 2010–2011 4 1
Manipi 2009 45 10
Rekåa 2009 2 0,6
Tinfos I/II 1900 250 44

Financial information

If you want to read more about our business financials, you can download the 2023 Annual Report.
Revenues (MNOK)
Total capital (MNOK)
67 %
Equity ratio
Liquidity ratio 1



We accelerate the global transition towards a clean energy future.




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Annual Report
Annual Report
Annual Report
Annual Report
Annual Report
Natur i Tinfos

Sustainability and social responsibility

Our Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG) policy commits us to operate in accordance with guidelines provided by the OECD, the UN Global Compact, the IFC and the Equator Principles. We have established management systems (ESMS) to follow-up on sustainability issues, and we conduct thorough risk and opportunity assessments, both for the environment and society (ESIA), in all our projects.

We work closely with our partners to ensure that the follow-up and reporting of important sustainability parameters is carried out in accordance with our customers’ expectations.



We have collaborated with Tinfos on several development projects and greatly appreciated working with an actor that demonstrates good controls and execution skills.

We put our entire trust in Tinfos’ experience and stability because this makes our work lighter, and ensures that construction projects – both large and small – are delivered within their quality and financial constraints. We would be happy to get involved in more projects!!

Geir Flatjord, Industry Manager for Energy and Small-scale Energy Production, Sparebanken Vest