Tinfos krafthandel

Tinfos Grid and Distribution

Tinfos holds an area licence limited to the area close to power production at Tinfos 1 and Tinfos 2.

Tinfos also holds its own construction licence for the power line towards Tveiten Syd and Tunga Gård. Tinfos is subject to revenue cap regulation by NVE (Norwegian Energy Regulatory Authority) for its distribution network and its regional network.

Electrical safety – DLE (Det Lokale Eltilsyn/the Local Electricity Authority)

The local electricity regulator (DLE) is part of the grid. Its task is to reduce the number of injuries and accidents caused by electricity. The grid companies are required to supervise electrical installations within their supply area. DLE is part of the public supervisory apparatus for electrical safety, and conducts supervision on behalf of the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB).



Services and terms

The new AMS meters for Norway come with a HAN (Home Area Network) port. If the customer so wishes, the meter can send out data on real-time readings for power output (kW), energy consumption (kWh), and current (A) and voltage conditions (V). The HAN port is closed by default, so you must actively open it yourself. If you want Tinfos to open the HAN port to submit information, get in contact with us.

The grid rental terms regulate the relationship between Tinfos as a provider of network services, and you as a user of the network services.

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Elhub is a common portal for network operators and energy suppliers in Norway, which simplifies the energy market for electricity customers and makes it more efficient. All production and consumption at every measurement point in Norway is stored in Elhub. As an end user, you can log in to Elhub via the website of your electric utility company. You can then view, control and access your own data stored in Elhub.

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