Sustainable operation

Operating a hydropower plant sustainably requires solid technical and administrative procedures. We offer power plant owners advantageous operation and maintenance agreements for power plants through our wholly-owned subsidiary Tinfos PowerTech and through our international subsidiaries.


Tinfos PowerTech

Tinfos PowerTech

Tinfos PowerTech AS offers tailor-made operation and maintenance solutions for small-scale power plants, always adapted to the power plant owner’s needs. Together with you as a power plant owner, we build an operation and monitoring program consisting of individual elements from our comprehensive range of services. Regardless of the scope of service, our goal is to be able to offer safe and efficient operating solutions that help to make hydropower profitable for our customers.


Service and maintenance

For power plant owners who have an operation and maintenance agreement with Tinfos PowerTech, we carry out periodic inspections and regular maintenance using systematic plans for each power plant element.

Following each inspection, you will receive a condition report with prioritised recommendations, and you will decide which service or repair activities are to be implemented.


Operation and monitoring services

Both the operating condition and any alarms at your power plant can be monitored 24 hours a day by Tinfos PowerTech.

We communicate directly with the control system in the power plant, and can react quickly to critical alarms and system faults. It ensures the greatest possible uptime and production.

In the event of a construction shutdown, we can engage our experienced operators from either our own operating organisation or our partners to conduct necessary tasks and repairs.

Administrativ drift

Administrative operation

We take care of all accounting and administrative matters in accordance with the company’s articles of association, monitoring and ensuring compliance with requirements and regulations in the legislation.

We handle all dialogue with owners, boards, third parties and public authorities.

Three simple steps to an operation agreement

Free review
We visit your power plant and assess equipment and technical documentation. In Norway, there is no cost to you as the owner of a power plant.
Needs assessment
We design a tailor-made operation and maintenance programme, where you can select from our comprehensive range of services.
Non-binding offers
We send a non-binding offer for an operation and maintenance agreement. You can evaluate this against existing operating solutions for the power plant.

Financing and insurance

We have well-established relationships with banks and can assist power plant owners with procuring offers for the financing of development projects and refinancing loans. We also offer advice if you intend to buy or sell a power plant.

You can save money through an operation and maintenance agreement with Tinfos PowerTech. This provides you with documentary evidence of regular inspections and any maintenance work at the power plant, which we can use as a basis for offers of favourable insurance schemes.

Contact us for more information about the services we offer relating to technical and administrative operations.

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Steinar Heggeli
Managing Director – Tinfos PowerTech