Middøla Kraftverk

Middøla power plant at Miland in Tinn municipality was commissioned in December 2014. The power plant uses a 275.4 meter drop at Middøla and has an installed power of 4.5 MW. The power plant will have an annual average production of about 12 GWh, which corresponds to the power consumption of approximately 600 households.

Pond and intake are constructed in plaster cast concrete with intake gratings downstream of the pond which utilizes the coanda effect. Acc. The watercourse license shall discharge minimum water flow past dam and intake of 50 l / s throughout the year.

The pressure pipe is 2700 meters long and consists of ductile cast iron pipes and glass fiber reinforced pipes with a dimension of 900 mm. In addition, a pipe bridge has been built over Middøla with a span of 15 meters. There are two bends along the pressure pipe and 4 t-tubes for access into the pressure pipe.

In the power station there is installed a pelton aggregate with 6 nozzles and the largest extinguishing capacity is 1.9 m³ / s. The power station consists of a machine room, control room, trafo-room and high voltage room and the building is constructed with prefabricated concrete elements.

Middøla Kraft AS is owned by Middøla Kraft AS, where landowners and Tinfos each have a 50% ownership.

Contracting parties under construction have been:
– Bystøl, responsible for design
– Fadum Tekniske, supplier of turbine and electromechanical equipment
– Brødrene Dahl, supplier of pipes and components for pond and intake
– Brødrene Alseth, contractor responsible for all land and concrete work
– A to Z Contractor, contractor responsible for superstructure power station¨
The project manager for the development has been Mats Nilsen at Tinfos.

Technical information

Gross drop height (m) 275.4
Length of intake pipe (m) 2700
Power (MW) 4.5
Production (GWh / year) 12.1
Minimum water flow (l / s) 50

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