Svartvasselva power plant SUS wants to use the waterfall in Svartvasselva in Hammarøy municipality in Nordland county for power production.
An attempt is made to utilize a fall of 120 meters from the planned intake at the outlet Svartvatnet kote 134 and down to the power station with outlet kote 14. At the planned intake, the precipitation field of the Svartvasselva constitutes 51.9 km² and the mean water flow is here calculated to 2.38 m³ / s . The waterway is planned in a 1900 m long pipeline on the north side of the river. Rørgata will follow the existing tractor road up to Svartvatnet on almost the entire route.
Although the intake is planned at the outlet Svartvatnet, there is no question of storing water. Estimated production is 14.4 GWh and the power plant is planned with installed power of 4.9 MW.

Technical information

Gross drop height (m) 120
Length of gateway (m) 1900
Power (MW) 4.9
Production (GWh / year) 14.4
Minimum water flow 290 l / s (1.4-30.9) 160 l / s for the rest of the year

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