Skirva runs out into Rukkedøla west of Eidal. The precipitation field extends inwards towards the Buglebjørkstølene and includes areas with large marshlands and several water. The intake of Nes power plants is just as descended the outlet of the planned power station. The power plant will utilize a fall of 325 meters. The intake is in an area with rocky shores. The river down to the power station is relatively steep and the big rock with elements of waterfalls and rocks. Along the river, slick pine forests grow on moraine grounds. There is a need to build approx. 300 m to the entrance.

Technical information

Gross drop height (m) 325
Length of intake pipe (m) 1000
Power (MW) 1.8
Production (GWh / year) 4.5
Minimum water flow (l / s) 25

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