Sandvand kraft AS

Licensing granted 23 February 2015

Tinfos AS wants to build Sandvand kraft AS in Flekkefjord municipality, Vest Agder County.

The planned power plant is located in Flekkefjord municipality, about 23 km north of the town of Flekkefjord, in Vest Agder County. Måsteinsvatn, where there is planned intake for the power plant, originates from a 11.24 km2 large precipitation field located north of Flekkefjord, across the border to Sirdal municipality.

The intake and regulation magazine will be located on foot 431, and is planned to be regulated by ± 0.5 meters, which is assumed to be less than the natural water level variation in Måsteinsvatn. The power station is planned on kote 310.

The waterway will consist of approximately 750 m of buried pipeline. The installed power is 1.48 MW and the production is estimated at about 4.8 GWh. The development price is calculated at SEK 3.87 / kWh.

Technical information

Gross drop height (m) 121
Length of intake pipe (m) 750
Power (MW) 1.48
Production (GWh / year) 4.8
Minimum water flow (l / s) 59

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