Nessakraft AS

Annual production: 33.8 GWh
Gross drop height: 278 m
Intake pipe: length about 3013 m, diameter 1.5 m, buried in full length. Intake pipe is located on the west side of the river and crosses the main road just before the power station.
It is planned to transfer a smaller stream just downstream of the intake to the main intake in Nessedalselvi by means of a buried pipe with a diameter of 300mm.
In connection with the mapping of other user interests, cultural heritage and landscaping in or in connection with the river, no negative consequences have been recorded in the implementation of the measure. The measure is considered positive for the local community in general and the fall rights owners in particular.
In connection with the registration of biological diversity in the area, there is no proven list of plant species. The consequences for the biological diversity of a development are collectively assessed as medium negative.
As part of the mitigating measures, it has been proposed to drop minimum gas flow;

– 188 l / s in the period 1 / 5-30 / 9
– 94 l / s in the period 1 / 10-30 / 4

Technical data:

Gross drop height (m)
Length of intake pipe (m)
Power (MW)
Production (GWh / year)
Minimum water flow (l / s)

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