Leirbukta kraftverk

Tinfos AS, in collaboration with the local landowners, is planning to develop a small power plant in Leirbukta watercourse no. 203.60 in Tromsø municipality, Troms county. The development includes two rivers, Leirbuktelva and Rastelva, which will be led down to a power station with return to sea.
Leirbukta power plant plans to use a gross fall of 218 m in Leirbuktelva with intake on tailings 225, and a gross fall in Rastelva of 178 m with intake from kote 185 down to joint drainage at kote 7. When planned intake, the rainfall field for Leirbuktelva constitutes 8.5 km2 and the mean water flow is calculated at 536 l / s. Planned minimum water flow will be 35 l / s for Leirbuktelva and installed power will be 2.3 MW where maximum operating water flow amounts to 1179 l / s
For Rastelva, planned intake will provide a rainfall area of ​​3.9 km2 with planned minimum water flow of 16 l / s. The mean water flow is calculated to be 271 l / s and the maximum operating water flow will be 596 l / s. Installed power will be 1.2 MW for Rastelva

Technical information

Gross drop height (m) 218/178
Length of pipe gate (m)
Power (MW) 2.3 / 1.2
Production (GWh / year) 6.63 / 3.42
Minimum water flow (l / s) 35/16

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