Stardalen Kraftverk

After a long journey with the development of the project, Tinfos AS has now started the development of
Stardalen power plant. The power plant will be put into operation in autumn 2020 and has one expected
annual production of about 50 GWh. This corresponds to the power consumption of about 2,500 households.
Stardalen power plant will utilize a fall of 62m in Stardalselva in Jølster municipality, Sogn and
Fjordane county. An intake and a arched dam will be built in concrete. It should then blow up one
2.6 km long tunnel from the inlet to the power station. In the power station it will be installed 3
Francis turbines with a total output of about 17 MW.

Stardalen power plant is 100% owned by Tinfos AS. When the power plant is completed, it will
transferred to Finnish SV Vattenkraft and become part of Bekk and Strøm’s portfolio.

Technical information

Gross drop height (m) 62
Power (MW) 17
Production (GWh / year) 5

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