Holmen Kraft AS

The plant is located at Jordalsgjelet in Voss and Aurland municipalities in Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane county respectively. The power plant will utilize a gross fall of 280 meters in Jordalselvi. The power plant has an installed power of 25 MW for 1 Francist turbine (15 MW) and a 1 pelt turbine (10 MW).
Total extinguishing capacity is 10.6 m³ / s. The total estimated average annual production is 80 GWh.

Technical information

Gross drop height (m) 280
Length of intake pipe (m) 2059
Power (MW) 25
Production (GWh / year) 80
Minimum water flow (l / s) 300 l / s 1.6-30.11 and 100 l / s 1.12-31.5

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