Heggtveit kraftverk

Heggtveit power is built in Nystøylbekken which is located in Fyresdal municipality in Telemark. The developer is Skæi & Skrede Kraft AS. The development is planned with transfers from Fjellstøylbekken on quay 702 to Nystøylbekken on quay 685. The development is planned with a fall of about 335 meters. A pelt turbine with an installed capacity of 1.5 MW is planned, which will produce an annual production of 4.5 GWh. The plan is to build the power plant during 2015, starting as soon as there is water in the pipes.

Technical information

Gross drop height (m) 335
Length of intake pipe (m) 1470
Pelvic transmission (m) 450
Power (MW) 1.5
Production (GWh / year) 4.5
Minimum water flow (l / s) 5

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