Dyrkolbotn kraftverk

Botnaelva is located in Dyrkolbotn in Lindås municipality. The developer is Nipo Kraft AS who rents the fall rights of landowners. The terrain in the lower part of the affected area is steep and not used as a recreation area. The river has an outlet from Botnavatnet on kote 350 and runs further down the Romarheimsdalen valley and ends in the Osterfjord.
The intake pond will be submerged in the terrain and will be covered by local vegetation. The raw material will be buried on the east side of the river, and will mainly lie along the municipal road. The station will be located just below the current E39, but will remain remote when the new E39 is put into use. The station will be designed in such a way that it is in line with other buildings in the area.
With a fall of 132 meters, Nipo Kraft AS will install a Pelton turbine with installed power of 2.8 MW, which will produce an annual production of about 10.8 GWh. It is planned to release a minimum water flow of 100 l / s, something over ordinary low tide.

Technical information

Gross drop height (m) 132
Length of intake pipe (m) 985
Power (MW) 2.7
Production (GWh / year) 10.8
Minimum water flow (m³ / s) 100

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