Døsjagrovi power plant has applied for a license pursuant to Section 8 of the Water Resources Act to build Døsjagrovi power plant in Luster municipality. Elva Døsjagrovi has previously been used for power production both above Harastølen and between Harastølen and the fjord. These power plants have been out of operation for a while and Luster Energiverk has joined forces with Harastølen AS and promoted a development project that utilizes the entire fall between Røssete (approx. 744) and the fjord in the new Døsjagrovi power plant. A production of about 19.6 GWh / year has been calculated

Technical information

Gross drop height (m) 741
Length of intake pipe (m) 2100
Power (MW) 4.95
Production (GWh / year) 19.6
Minimum water flow (m³ / s) 0.2

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