Bliksåna Kraftverk

Bliksåna power plant will utilize the fall in Bliksåna, Åseral municipality between kote 635 moh and kote 505 m. The power plant will utilize a precipitation field totaling 11.3 km². Specific runoff is calculated at 61 l / s * km-2, which gives a total annual intake of 21.76 m3. The average water flow at the inlet is 0.69 m3 / s.

Power plant intake is planned in Bliksåna on kote 635 m. The waterway will be about 1050 m long and will be carried as a buried pipeline on the entire stretch. The power station is placed in the day with a floor of 505 meters above sea level.

The power plant will have an installed output of turbine of 1.84 MW. The average annual production is estimated at 4.54 GWh.

Technical information

Gross drop height (m) 130
Length of intake pipe (m) 1050
Power (MW) 1.8
Production (GWh / year) 4.5
Minimum water flow (l / s) 40

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