Eiendommer og Miljøfredning

Tinfos’ strategy for value development of the old industry and the power center at Tinnefossen has been to fill all buildings with diverse activities to different tenants and their own businesses. The use of buildings are the best method for preserving buildings. Constructions have been gently handled to preserve the unique character of the area. Tinfos has taken conservation responsibility, but also sees the commercial opportunities by safeguarding and developing such a significant and unique property mass.


The Cultural Heritage Authorities and the Directorate of Cultural Heritage have, in cooperation with Tinfos, carried out a preservation process. In June 2014, the Cultural Environment Conservation was adopted by the King in Cabinet. The preservation of Tinfos’ cultural environment comprises almost 50 individual objects, with power stations, industrial buildings, technical facilities and a number of homes from the late 1800s onwards. Tinfos protected area combines both modern industry and lifestyle.


In 2015 Tinfos became part of the UNESCO World Heritage, Rjukan – Notodden Industrial Heritage.

Tinfos is an important part of the industrial adventure where the water is turned into pure electric power and creates the basis for industry and workplaces for the people. Tinfos is a very good example of the fact that conservation can be combined with both modern industry and lifestyle.



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