Power Production

Tinfos power plants consist of the power plants Tinfos I and Tinfos II. Tinfos utilizes the lower waterfall in the Tinnåa river above the outlet at the Heddal lake in Notodden municipality. Tinfos power plant is license-free. Notodden municipality owns Sagafos western part, which is utilized in Tinfos power plant. Tinfos has been granted a utility license for this waterfall until September 28, 2061.

Tinfos I

Built in 1955.
Kaplan turbine with capacity 2x 80m3 / s
Generator performance 2 × 27 MVA
Fall height about 29.5m

Tinfos II

Built in 1910.
Vertical Francis turbine with capacity 17m3 / s
Generator performance 5 MVA
Fall height about 29.2m
Average production for Tinfos power plant in the period 1984-2013 (30 annual funds) 228GWh

Kobbholm power plant

Kobbholm and Valvatn power plants utilize the falls in the Kobbholm waterway with reservoirs in South-Varanger municipality in Finnmark.
The plants were built by A / S Syd-Varanger in the period 1920-1930.
By Royal Decree in 2008, Tinfos was granted a license for the Kobbholm waterway, for the rehabilitation of Kobbholm power plant and the construction of the new Valvatn power plant

Francis turbine capacity 3.2m3 / s
Generator performance 3.6 MVA
Fall height about 114m

Valvatn power plant

Francis turbine extinguishing power 2.8m3 / s
Generator performance 1.3 MVA
Fall height about 45m

Average production for Kobbholm and Valvatn power plant 21GWh with an average annual drain of about 30 million m3.

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