Tinfos was established in 1894 and has been producing power since 1900.

• Tinfos is one of Norway’s oldest power and industrial companies.

• Tinfos is a privatly owned company, and the owners have built the company brick by brick developing business outside the stock exchange.

• Since the establishment, Tinfos has used the power from Tinnefossen at Notodden for industrial operations through several eras.

• Initially, hydropower was used for the production of lumber and wood pulp in the company’s sawmill, wood mill and paper mill.

• In 1900, “Notodden Calcium-Carbidfabrik” was established at Heddalsvannet.

• Tinfos Kraftverk at Tinnefossen gave power to Hydro’s test plant at Notodden to produce Potassium nitrate.

• Tinfos Jernverk (Steel Mill) was launched in 1910.

• Through nearly 100 years, the metal and smelting business created great capital for the company.

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